30MG Hemp CBD Vegan Softgels


Scientifically formulated to work efficiently with your body’s natural systems, enhancing and unlocking benefits that balance your daily diet and help support stress and recovery, sleep and anxiety, immunity and digestion. Our 0% THC Nano CBD softgels are daily support for your entire body!

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0.0% THC


100% pure
CBD oil

70% absorption
5x faster

Vegan, allergy-free,
no fillers

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Customer Reviews

(7 Reviews)
  • Barbara M.

    Verified Buyer

    Since taking Voyce CBD, I have seen a big difference in the arthritic pain in my right knee where I had pain before. The CBD has also helped with my sleeping patterns and I feel overall healthier and better. When I wake up in the middle of the night before it was very hard to get back to sleep but since taking Voyce CBD, I fall right back to sleep right away. I highly recommend using Voyce CBD for two reasons, one is for the arthritic pain in my knee when I walk and number two is it helps me to go right back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.

  • Charles M.

    I’ve been using Voyce CBD pills for about 5 weeks. I was having a problem sleeping due to my back pain. I still have back pain but I am now able to sleep through the night which is a big plus. I’m hoping as I continue to take them I will have more good results.

  • Deborah D.

    At last, truly a pure CBD oil I can believe in. My goal is overall wellness and Voyce CBD is doing just that. I am extremely excited to have found Voyce knowing that my overall health will continually improve. I highly recommend Voyce CBD to everyone.

  • Nicole B.

    Amazing clean CBD product.

  • Kelly B.

    CBD has changed my life!! Voyce is the best CBD brand that I have tried so far!! I am 100% satisfied And I recommend this product to any and everyone..!! Love how pure clean and simple the product and packaging is. Both my mind and body feel great after taking these supplements for a few weeks now.

  • Anne C.

    I’ve been on CBD for months now and just recently tried Voyce. I don’t feel any side effects or anything because there is no THC, which I like. Seems clean and natural, and high end. So far I love it!

  • Dmitry M.

    Never tried CBD before. Voyce was my intro to CBD and I really liked it.