Our purpose is both simple and complex; simple ingredients, complex science. 

Voyce CBD Hemp plants in beakers

To understand why we started Voyce, let’s take a quick step back. 

This industry is shrouded with companies making false statements and promises that CBD will create changes in your body. The empty promises contain no proof, no real science, and ingredients that degrade the composition and efficacy of CBD. They include scents and essential oils that break down CBD over time, making it less effective but sell their products with promises that their CBD will cure anxiety, increase muscle endurance, or reduce stress.

We believe this type of marketing is untruthful, deceptive, and wrong. And it’s not the true purpose or value of CBD. 

So, here’s why we created Voyce.

Our ethos is to create the highest-quality, purist, and most effective CBD on the marketing today. We wanted to create a product void of marketing hype and so revolutionary that we wouldn’t hesitate to take it ourselves. Out of this vision, Voyce was born.

We understand that the one constant in life is change. Our lives and bodies are in constant flux, so the diets we follow and supplements we take aim to achieve a balance and healthier predisposition — but only if the supplements we take deliver on their promises. Voyce does just that (read about the science behind Voyce); instead of using a small amount of THC to drug the body, we remove all of it. We use nanotechnology that enables the body to absorb our CBD 70% more at a 5x faster rate. This is a true promise; a promise based on science and free of empty promises. This is Voyce. 

What effects do you feel when taking Voyce? 

It varies from person-to-person because this is a supplement that enhances and fills gaps in your diet that allows the body to function optimally. Our pure CBD has provided many benefits to the employees at Voyce, such as increased energy, more sound sleep, better digestion, less anxiety, and an overall increased feeling of well-being. That said, we don’t make any claims or promises that you will feel these things. Instead, we promise to provide you with the very best ingredients and processing methods for a fast-absorbing CBD without THC. Be the best you.

How do you verify each batch is pure?

Every soft gel we produce, in each and every bottle, is tested for purity, potency, and performance by a certified, independent 3rd party lab. We always provide rigorous testing (current batch results). 

Everyone promises something, how is Voyce different? 

This is the golden question, especially in the CBD industry. We aren’t making any promises outside of the purity and technology of our products. What happens in your body differs from person-to-person, and depending on your diet, activity, energy levels, and other supplements you take, CBD can provide a variety of different benefits and effects. With Voyce, you are assured that you are putting only the purest form of CBD into your body with a technology that enables you to process and absorb it quickly.

It’s time to give your body a Voyce. We are so confident in our product that we offer a full guarantee. Our family-owned business is on a mission to create and drive change in our industry, which is why we don’t make false claims. We focus on maintaining the viability of our product to support your overall health. 

Thank you for being a part of our family.

Please try Voyce and see what it can do for you.