It’s Time to Break Up with THC

You thought THC was the one. The one ingredient to make you feel complete. It was comfortable, what you’re used to, maybe even what you thought you needed. But it’s time to end it. Queue the Taylor Swift breakup ballad. 

Love is blind, we know. But on the other side is truth and clarity, so here it is: our CBD softgels have 0.0% THC in them. And we believe that’s better for your body. No, really. THC will try to tell you that the effects won’t be the same. How will your CBD products live without them? You’ll miss it. You’ll be back. 

It’s just not true. Delete their number. Block their DMs. 

THC is known as the psychoactive compound that activates the high in your brain. It has long documented short and long term effects, from changes in mood, memory impairment, lower IQ and even psychiatric issues ( Some brands claim that THC attaches to the CBD particles and they must work together to digest CBD in the body (this is called the Entourage Effect). But there’s plenty of research that shows CBD is beneficial by itself ( So we’ve found a way to make CBD effective in the body without THC. The result? All the good without the bad. 

Our CBD capsules are more bioavailable. That simply means that through our scientific process called nanotechnology we have removed the need for THC to make CBD work in the body. Yes, really. Deep breath. Read on. 

“Nano” essentially means small. And our CBD particles are about the size of a blood platelet, which is really small. This means that when you ingest the capsule, the CBD is ready to be absorbed into mucous membranes in the mouth and stomach 70% more and 5 times faster because of how compact it is. Fatty substances, such as CBD extracts, must first be mixed together before they can be digested in your system. The more ready the CBD is to digest, the faster and more purely it can do its thing for your body. That’s why when you take a CBD capsule developed with nanotech, the CBD comes pre-emulsified, essentially prepping the CBD for your system already and relieving your digestive system from doing that work. Because who wants to do extra work? 

THC can have side effects and interactions with other medications or supplements you are taking due to its psychoactive effects. Just a few of these include dry mouth, memory loss, hunger, reduced reaction time, anxiety and increased heart rate. Not to mention that it will show up on a drug test. With Voyce CBD softgels there are no drugs in your system, so you get the benefits of CBD without the side effects of THC, including any euphoric or sedated feeling. Most brands don’t have the process to take out the THC because it costs more time and effort. But we set out to create a supplement—not a drug. We believe it’s the right thing to do in order to get the purest product for your body. And that’s self love. Self love, baby. 

Hey, sometimes THC might be what you’re looking for. Maybe there’s a night where it just looks good and you say what the hemp, I’ll give it a shot. But every day? Are you going to wake up each morning with THC next to you? Is that who you’re going to introduce to your parents? No. You need a nice stable supplement. With a steady job and its own capsule. Maybe even an all natural, vegan one. 

Think of us as that friend to help you send that text we all know needs to be sent: THC, we need to talk.