How to tell if CBD is working for you

CBD pill bottle spilling out on table

Technology-driven studies and scientific research are lending more and more information and findings to the benefits of CBD oil. It has been shown to offer a calming effect on anxiety, a soothing nature to counteract nausea, and anti-inflammatory properties to help the body recover from workouts and muscle soreness. With all of these claimed benefits, CBD oil is fast becoming a health trend everyone is paying attention to. But one of the main questions consumers have is; how can you tell if the CBD is working?

The simple answer is that there is no one way or general rule of thumb to apply to everyone across the board. Since everyone’s genetic make-up, absorption rate, and metabolism is going to be slightly different.

Origins and purity

One of the main contributing factors to the varying CBD experiences is the quality and origin of the CBD oil. CBD derived from cannabis plants will likely have elements of THC mingled with the CBD, producing a “high” effect on the mind and body. Oils produced from hemp plants have little to no THC properties in them, creating the feelings of relief and calmness without the “high” given by THC.

Purity also plays a major role in how people react to THC. The purer the oil, the more likely the effects will be noticed quickly and consistently. Companies that use cutting edge science like nanotechnology to filter out the impurities and unwanted fillers throughout the process offer quicker absorption rates for the body as well as aid in metabolizing the CBD oil.

Noticing the benefits

Differentiating between expectations and reality is the key to understanding if CBD is truly working for you. The best way to actually notice the results and the effects of using CBD oil is to take notice of the small daily changes.

“Anyone who has ever started a new vitamin or supplement routine knows the short answer to how long it takes to kick in is—’it depends.’ For many newcomers, they’re not sure what to imagine, or some anticipate a huge change right away. For most of us, though, dietary supplements take time.”

Charlotte’s Web, CBD Oil

Another element that contributes to your ability to perceive the effects of using CBD oil is how it is consumed. Creams and external ointments will take longer to create lasting, long-term results, but for people with sensitive skin, they might feel the soothing effects of the cream and equate that with immediate results.

Science-driven CBD pills created by nanotechnology, like the supplements offered by Voyce, are designed to work with a wide variety of genetic make-ups for fast-acting absorption. These consumables tend to offer a more consistent and predictable reaction, letting you gauge the right about of CBD oil that works best for you. This steady approach creates the ability to take note of changes and effects, and craft an adjustable routine that works best for a person’s unique set of genetics.


Researching the products, the production process, batch control, and customer reviews is key to making a well-informed CBD purchase. Since science is still in the first steps of research and testing for CBD products, it is a necessity that consumers do their own research into the claims of the companies’ products.

When you do find a product you feel will work with your needs, test it slowly, noting changes to your daily routine and wellness. The effects might be subtle at first, but they are building the foundations for a positive change within the body. Pure CBD oil produced by nanotechnology is leading the way, forging new possibilities for health and wellness, while delivering consistently positive results.