Batch Authenticity

Voyce Batch Authenticity

One of the key motivations behind Voyce is to build trust with transparency and honesty, regardless of why. You can rely on Voyce to “shoot you straight” with honest guidance and complete authenticity. 


The primary way to convey the purity of our products is through independent batch testing. Our ingredients and process is optimized to provide the best possible CBD oil extracted in its purest form. Once created, we employ a rigorous testing process conducted by a best-in-class 3rd party lab that certifies each soft gel for purity, quality, and potency.

We promise to deliver 30MG of pure CBD oil to each gel capsule, so our scientists focus on the quality of each batch to ensure there is no THC, that it is 100% pure, and the nanotechnology process has enabled efficacy.

This is of the utmost importance to us, as we ourselves ingest our product and demand the highest quality of ingredients in our own bodies. 

We are committed to you throughout this process and backed by science. 

Here are the current batch testing results