We created Voyce CBD because we care deeply and passionately about health, wellness, and thriving. We obsess over nutrition, exercise, and the products (supplements) we ingest in our bodies. We’ve seen the life-changing benefits of CBD and decided to formulate our own product that is completely pure and 100% absent of any fillers, GMO, essential oils, or anything else that others use as a marketing ploy

Voyce CBD in Arizona.
Voyce is created, manufactured, and operated in Arizona.

Manufacturing & Production

We own and operate the best medical-grade marijuana business in Arizona. We source our products from one farm in Arizona and have Scientists who have developed a proprietary extraction technique using nanotechnology. Once extracted, we produce our product in a 100,000 square foot facility which is independently inspected and regulated. We package and ship direct. This means we control the manufacturing and distribution process from end-to-end which allows us the ability to ensure we provide the highest quality and purest CBD available on the market today. 


Voyce was created by 3 partners. Two are brothers and the third might as well be; he’s been a family friend since meeting in grade school. We’ve been family for 40 years and share a vision and mission to bring a quality product to market. 

“CBD marketed for ailments is just plain wrong. Adding lavender doesn’t make the product a sleep aid. Pure CBD, without fillers or additives, is simple, honest, and beneficial. That’s Voyce.”

The Voyce Team

We have a simple goal…

To use sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes to create a product that is 100% pure, scientifically-proven, and affordable for the masses. By controlling the process from start to finish we ensure that every batch of Voyce CBD is optimized for your health and meets our goal. You can review each batch’s authenticity and purity by reviewing it’s batch results on the product page.

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