Simply pure CBD that is obsessively basic

70% bioavailability with 5x faster absorption

Daily supplement that is expertly designed to work smarter

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100% pure
CBD oil

70% absorption
5x faster

Vegan, allergy-free,
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Our Promise

No exhausted cliches or hype; just the quality you expect and the authenticity you deserve. Using a scientific process we deliver pure CBD without fillers or additives that is absorbed 5 times faster and 70% more than typical CBD. Using nanotechnology, you get all the life-changing benefits without any THC.

Pure and simple CBD with life-changing absorption.

Being obsessed with what you put into your body is no easy task, so we have done our best to simplify it for you. Voyce CBD supplements are pure CBD oil infused with nanotechnology; and that’s it. Nanoparticles absorb 100% CBD into your body faster with more targeted delivery.

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Nanotechnology for easy digestion with no THC.

Our patented-process delivers cannabinoid oils to the body without any THC. Typically, your body absorbs less than 30% of your daily supplements and the rest is lost through digestion. Our scientists have created a process that allows for 70% absorption at a 5x faster rate, giving you the performance you deserve from Voyce.

It is expertly designed to work smarter.

Taken daily, Voyce CBD has many health benefits. We don’t believe in attributing our supplement to a specific ailment cure. Intead, we know the true benefits that pure CBD offers for healing, wellness, and performance. Our supplement was created to be the best on the market, absorb more, and perform at a higher level so your body and mind can function in their peak ability.

A Self-care method.

Our CBD oil is extracted from the hemp root and refined using a scientific process which pulls out any impurities and leaves just pure and organic CBD. Using nanotechnology our CBD is absorbed at a 70% higher rate. We are diligent about what we put in our bodies, so we designed a daily supplement that is pure, focused, and performanced-based.

30MG Hemp CBD Vegan Softgels

Scientifically formulated to support stress and recovery, sleep and anxiety, immunity and digestion.
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Born in the foothills of Arizona.

Voyce CBD is formulated and manufactured in AZ entirely by our team. Our ingredients are pure and sustainable.

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